Will Arvin Receives 2023 Vision Award for Preservation & Adaptive Reuse

The 2023 Vision Award for Preservation & Adaptive Reuse is presented to Will Arvin for an outstanding example of an important element of Bluegrass Tomorrow’s vision for the region. Will Arvin was certainly a visionary when he accepted the challenge of preserving and renovating the Castle & Key Distillery located on the Woodford/Franklin County border first built on Glenn’s Creek in 1887 as the Old Taylor Distillery by Colonel Edmund H. Taylor.

It is interesting to note that renowned landscape architect Jon Carloftis calls restoring the sunken garden at Castle & Key one of his all-time favorite projects, and the garden and landscape on the entire property is stunning. The time and patience the Castle & Key team has put into their distilled products is evident in their products like Restoration Rye, Roots of Ruin Dry Gin and just released Small Batch Wheated Bourbon.