Bluegrass Tomorrow


  • We believe that Quality of Life and Economic Development are inextricably linked.
  • We believe in planning and measured accountability for the future of the Bluegrass.
  • We believe in preservation of precious bluegrass soils and irreplaceable qualities of the region such as the equine industry, heritage, cultural and natural resources.
  • We believe that “open source collaboration” and partnership in our region is the key to achieving a unified vision.
  • We believe that by focusing on retaining and recruiting creative talent and keeping our best and brightest youth is a key to our future in competing in a changing global economy.
  • We believe that each of our communities in the Bluegrass Region is separate, unique, and special, but that in partnership we are “All Together Better.”
  • We believe that developing and planning for a unified vision and a better quality of life in the Bluegrass is an important and unique role for Bluegrass Tomorrow.
  • We believe that “well developed” means a respect for the environment and heritage, allows for walkability and transportation alternatives, incorporates greenspaces, creates unique places for people, offers housing choice and affordability, keeps community focus on our downtowns and neighborhood centers that are the hearts of our communities and yields home-grown economic success.
  • We believe that “well preserved” means the continued growth and expansion of agriculture, especially our world famous equine industry that provides us with a brand identity matched by few regions, protecting the incomparable views from our roads, safe guarding our sensitive and fragile environment, and enhancing our unique architectural legacy.


Bluegrass Tomorrow’s Regional Vision is based upon the expressed desires of
what citizens want for the future of their communities. This Vision has been
refined since its inception in 1993. The implementation of this Vision is
the basis for the work of Bluegrass Tomorrow.

This is a Vision where:

  • Our towns remain separate and distinct, people friendly and full of architectural character;
  • Our best farmlands remain secure and productive;
  • The beauty of our landscape remains evident from our roadways;
  • Our governments make informed, responsible decisions about growth and change;
  • We are sensitive to our unique fragile environment.

The achievement of this Vision will result in a a high quality of life for our
region’s residents. This, in turn, will ensure that we enjoy a healthy,
sustainable economy.