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About Us

The Bluegrass Forever Green Division promotes and enhances conservation,
preservation and sustainability activities through an umbrella of initiatives that move us toward environmental sustainability, protects
our precious bluegrass soils, and promotes our equine and agricultural industries.

— One of the most important accomplishments in Bluegrass Tomorrow history is the recent momentum of our Regional Land Use Partnership, focusing on communication and collaboration of our cities, counties on planning our future growth.  Numerous Bluegrass municipalities have passed our partnership resolution, with many more to come. A RLUP strategic master plan of action is being developed

— Our new Bluegrass Local Food & Spirits Council focuses on food and agricultural marketing and the development of a web-portal focusing on making local agricultural products more accessible.  A new food expo is in the works.

— Our popular Conversations with the Region summits, conferences, and networking events focus regional issues, opportunities, and development of strategies to address: Water, Energy, Greenways/Trails, Transportation, Waste, Food & Agriculture and Land Use Planning, Health & Wellness, Arts and other quality of life issues.            

— The Bluegrass Trails Alliance,
provides leadership, coordination, and support for planning and developing hundreds of miles of greenways and bike, hike, horseback, water, and pedestrian trails connectivity in the region in cooperation with the National Park Service Rivers, Trails Conservation Assistance Program, over 1,830 miles of existing and new trails have been planned.


Bluegrass Forever Green was based on models from the Green Umbrella in Cincinnati & the Louisville Sustainability Council. Bluegrass Forever Green provides platforms for sharing information and best practices.  All activities are done with a focus on maximizing the collective impact of regional governments, organizations, non-profits, educational institutions, and businesses in central Kentucky. The end goal is always to improve the quality of life for Kentuckians.

Bluegrass Forever Green has adopted a “Collective Impact" framework to tackle deeply entrenched and complex social issues. Collective Impact hinges on the idea that in order to create lasting solutions to social challenges on a large-scale it is necessary to work around a clearly defined goal. The collective impact model requires individuals, municipalities, institutions, organizations, and industries to form cross-sector partnerships in order to make meaningful and sustainable progress on shared issues.