Principles & Goals

Principles & Goals From 2012 Presidents Superintendents Summit

Principle 1:  There must be a major transformation in how we approach career planning and preparation, and how we help students make college and career choices.

Principle 2:  There must be a new focus on what skills, talents and capacities are necessary for the emerging young adult and tomorrow’s citizen-leader, to define the characteristics of the “ideal young adult.”

Principle 3:  There must be opportunities for the well-rounded young adult to become skilled in three important disciplines: 1) STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), 2) the arts, and 3)workplace competencies.

Principle 4:  There must be advocacy with government and legislative leaders to address the challenges posed by such ambitious goals, which may challenge the Commonwealth’s educational policies.


  1. Reduce dropouts from both high school and higher education.
  2. Improve college-going rates.
  3. Increase the number of associate and bachelor’s degrees in the Bluegrass.
  4. Increase the employment opportunities for the resulting highly skilled and educated workforce.