About Us: Two Divisions, One Mission

About Us

Bluegrass Tomorrow is in the “Quality of Life” business.  Our mission is to connect, unify, and motivate the current and future stakeholders of the Bluegrass Region to preserve, protect, and promote those activities in Central Kentucky that positively affect the Quality of Life enjoyed, desired, and deserved by the citizens and their communities.  These include, but are not limited to, our shared natural and cultural heritage, as they relate to land use, transportation, education, sustainability and recreation, all based on and contributing to a diverse and thriving economy.

We believe that quality of life and economic development are inextricably linked.  We monitor Quality of Life issues and activities across the region promoting what seems best for the greater good.  Because we are an independent non-profit led by key regional leaders, we are nimble and able to change directions quickly as circumstances dictate to address emerging issues and opportunities that are important to region.

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Our Board of Directors

Bluegrass Tomorrow is an independent 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a geographically, technically, and culturally diverse Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Fifty percent of the Board is from outside Fayette County.

Corporate Partners - Vision Society

We have formed partnerships with leading corporations who believe in ensuring a better quality of life for Kentuckians. It is through their generosity that we are able to continue our work in the region.

President's Trustees - Vision Society