Regional Vision

Bluegrass Tomorrow

Bluegrass Tomorrow
Distinct Communities
As outlying towns grow toward a hub city (often with low-density “sprawl” development) several things result: increased traffic congestion, loss of farmland and a blurring of boundaries between the communities. Bluegrass communities in Bourbon, Clark, Fayette, Jessamine, Madison, Scott and Woodford counties can maintain and cultivate their unique identities by modifying this growth pattern.


Bluegrass Tomorrow Rob Rumpke
Secure Farmland
Our signature scenery is dependent on our farmland. It’s also a major source of pride and revenue. Our balanced vision keeps today’s farmland from becoming tomorrow’s subdivisions. It seeks fairness to all landowners by providing development alternatives in these areas while encouraging it within communities’ established boundaries.


Bluegrass Tomorrow
Scenic Roads
Well-planned roads do more than get drivers from point A to point B. They improve our quality of life by reconnecting us with our region’s natural beauty. And because many tourists love to travel our historic, fence-lined roads, they are an economic asset. Our vision protects scenic vistas while providing safer and more efficient traffic flow.


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Environmental Sensitivity
The Bluegrass region is as fragile as it is beautiful. The same environmental factors that make us unique also call for special care when planning development. Our vision recognizes that working with our natural environment often costs less than restructuring it. And the end result is much more desirable.


Bluegrass Tomorrow
Financial Responsibility
Poor planning results in more than just ugly development. It actually wastes our money. Higher taxes and utility bills can be avoided when communities develop responsibly. Using resources wisely, developing towns efficiently for public utilities and services, and a balanced used of land can all offset costs that would otherwise be passed on to taxpayers.