Idea Festival Youth Event Presented by Morehead State University


NOVEMBER 7, 2019

Who Should Exhibit at the IF Bluegrass Career Maker Faire: Anyone looking for new employees or students!

Colleges Universities (including specific academic programs and admissions) Businesses, Manufacturers, Workforce Training schools and organizations, Technical Training Schools, Advanced Manufacturing, Entrepreneurial Incubators & Companies, Creative & Arts Organizations, STEM businesses & organizations, more.

Why Should You Exhibit at the IF Bluegrass Career Maker Faire: An exciting of networking and relationship building serving regional students.

  • Service to advance the regional economically and academically by joining 8-12th grade students from the 18-county Bluegrass Region on November 7, 2019 at Morehead State University
  • Service to advance the regional economically and academically by joining 8-12th grade students from the 18-county Bluegrass Region on November 13, 2019 at Kentucky State University
  • Affordable access to an audience you want to be in front of for recruiting!
    • $250 for a single booth at the Morehead State University Youth Event.
    • $500 for multiple booths representing different departments at the Morehead State University Youth Event
    • $500 for single booth at BOTH 2019 Events in the Bluegrass Region.
      • Morehead State University – November 7, 2019
      • Kentucky State University – November 13, 2019

We want students to have an “Ah Ha” the light bulb comes on, experience when they see your innovative hands-on exhibit. We want them to say: “I didn’t know about that.”, “That’s So Cool.”, “That’s where I want to go to school.”, “That’s what I want to be.”.

If you are a non-profit or an educational organization assistance is available to help navigate costs. It matters that you are in the room and we want to help! Please contact Rob Rumpke if you need to discuss this further. 859-351-2447 or rob@bluegrasstomorrow.org.

How Will The Exhibit Hall Be Set-up and What Will The Experience Look Like:

Exhibitors are placed into “Career Clusters” or groupings of popular Career Pathways identified by student self-assessments.

What Will My Career Cluster Look Like?

All students will attend the Career Maker Faire during the day, split in two 500 student groups. They will move in groups of approximately 40 students (the busload they came in on) spending about 10 minutes per choice Career Cluster. Each student will visit a minimum of 5 clusters during that day.
You will be joined by 6-10 other industry & higher ed representatives in your Career Cluster.
A 6-ft table will be provided with electricity (if needed) for each industry & higher ed representative.
Your Career Cluster’s location at Morehead State will be assigned by Tuesday November 5, 2019

What Should I Expect At My Career Cluster?

Students will be encouraged to come prepared with questions and naturally move among representatives to stimulate organic conversation and casual dialogue between current and future professionals in your field/students in your program.

We encourage exhibitors to be creative, providing something to do, see, feel, touch, smell, provide an experience, a demonstration. Career “speed dating” concepts will be utilized, sending students to you in groups of 30-40 at a time. Half of the Students in attendance will experience the Maker Faire, while others are listening to TED-style speakers in another part of campus. It will all be coordinated depending on arrival and departures of buses. You must come self-contained. We will provide a table & two chairs per exhibitor.


Join The Career Maker Faire!