Bluegrass Tomorrow, The Bluegrass Higher Education Consortium, Centre College & Asbury University  are partnering to host the 4th Idea Festival Youth @ Centre College’s Norton Center for the Arts on November 14, 2017.

This event will offer  over 800 students in the Bluegrass Region opportunities to present to and learn from their peers in a TED style talks and explore pathways in a Career Maker Faire

Our team is accepting applications for a 5-10 minute TED style presentations. Our desire it provide a platform for the voices of our students. To embrace emerging leaders on the cutting edge of progress and inspire their peers to ask what thing of value lies within themselves.

Application Deadline: Tuesday November 5, 2017

Public Speaking coaching offered as needed or requested.


Register to join our IFY Speaker Pool using the link at the bottom of this page.

To view some previous IFY Student Talks, please see the links below which feature Kentucky student speakers.

Computer Driven Machine –by Will Kimmerer

One Less Lonely Girl…or Boy — by Faith LoPiccolo

The Super “I” — by Tamron Keith

The Shakespearean Experience for Children — by Jessica Bailey

Expanding Scientific Horizons — by Thomas Callahan

IdeaFestival™ Talks Recap — by Sam Waltman

What do you believe your peers need to know? How can you impact your school, city, state, country, & world? If you had 10 minutes to say the most important thing in the world what would you say? If you have answers to any or all of those questions we want to hear from you!

Please include the 3 most important ideas or points.
Example: Musing from the iGeneration on Polarization and Partisanship
Must be between 5-10 minutes!
Why is it important? How does it challenge current ways of thinking? How is it unique?