Dr. Nancy Cox Receives 2023 Vision Award for Agriculture & Sustainability

The Agriculture & Sustainability Vision Award is presented to an individual or organization that has made a major impact on our signature industry in the Bluegrass Region, and our recipient this year has been making a remarkable impact on our Agriculture industry for many years.

The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment is one of UK’s largest undergraduate colleges and ranks second among UK colleges in external funding. It is home to the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, which has offices in all 120 counties and serves a critical role in disseminating knowledge to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Under Dean Cox, the college has seen tremendous growth in support of the state’s signature equine and distilled spirits industries. As a renowned animal physiologist and associate dean, she accelerated the college’s land-grant role as a research and engagement leader in Kentucky agriculture; prioritizing investments in veterinary diagnostics, equine health and safety, and animal and forage production.

Thank you, Dr. Nancy Cox, for your service to the Commonwealth in our signature industries for so many years, we are proud to present you the 2023 Vision Award for Agriculture and Sustainability.